Consulting: Supports your vision.

My team and I evaluate all practical options available to our clients to identify solutions that minimize cost, maximize value and optimize financially with real estate transactions, occupier portfolios and development strategies.

Our areas of consulting expertise include: 

Transaction Consulting

We help you understand the variables that impact occupancy decision and provide advice on occupier alternatives. Our detailed and customized analyses focuses on pre-tax and after-tax net present-value cash flows, as well as the earnings impacts of various scenarios under GAAP.

Portfolio Consulting

We help occupiers maximize their real estate and align it to their business through:

Portfolio Diagnostic Analysis – Real estate holdings are analyzed using statistical methods to uncover correlations and variances. This allows you to proactively identify opportunities to maximize the value of your real estate portfolio.

Consolidation – This process includes establishing a baseline cost for all impacted facilities, identifying logical scenarios, assessing the financial impact of each alternative and a multivariate sensitivity analysis.

Mergers & Acquisitions Due Diligence – We provide clients with the peace of mind to ensure all pertinent steps are met in the exploration of an acquisition target as it pertains to real estate holdings. 

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