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Houman Mahboubi has joined JLL as Senior Vice President to expand its Los Angeles Retail Practice.
“High street retail in Beverly Hills is a specialized niche market that takes years to create a presence," said Peter Belisle, Southwest Market Director, JLL. "Houman is a premiere broker in this area and we are confident that he will provide tremendous value to our clients as they look at this crucial market for expansion and investment."
"Human capital is an intangible resource, certainly, but it is a crucial variable. Real estate professionals who make this issue a priority are investing in themselves, and cultivating goodwill - and results - for their clients. These tactics are a blueprint for success, in Beverly Hills and beyond, which we should emulate throughout our industry."
Houman Mahboubi
'Ninety percent of millionaires become so through owning real estate."
Andrew Carnegie
"Landlords grow rich in their sleep."
John Stuart Mill